SLOW Season Incentive! HALF OFF on Cleaning Services! Read on…

Hi there! I hope 2016 is treating you well so far. Can you believe that January has already flown by already? It seems like each year is just passing by faster and faster.

Well, The reason for my post. You may or may not know, but we have reached the time of year us carpet cleaners call the dreaded “slow” time. It’s cold out, and having their carpets cleaned is usually the last thing on my client’s minds.

I have been brainstorming on how I can make my “slow” time be a GREAT time for my best clients (i.e. YOU) to use my services.

So this is what I came up with: If you book your carpet cleaning in the next two months (February – March) all of my additional services such as upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and carpet protection I’ll be discounting by HALF! Now how great is that and pretty generous of me. : ) As an example, cleaning of a 8 ft. sofa would usually run $95. With my “Slow Season Incentive” it would be just $48!

Wow, this is the first time I’m actually really excited about my “slow” season! And remember, if you can’t take advantage of these great incentives; be sure to forward this email to family and friends to take advantage of this great winter special.

Your friendly neighborhood carpet cleaner, Nick Smith

P.S. If you’ve been putting off getting that sofa cleaned or adding carpet protection or tile cleaning,NOW is the time to get it for HALF off when you get your carpets cleaned!

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Beware of Low Priced Carpet Cleaners in Portland

What does it cost for a carpet cleaning company to do a decent job cleaning your carpets? 

There are many companies who offer DEALS for $9.99 per room or even $19.99 per area. Now at first this sounds like a great deal and who doesn’t like deals, right?

If Pacific Steam Carpet Care charged anything less than we currently do, we’d have cut our expenses.  Liability insurance isn’t cheap.

Do you really want someone in your home who is getting paid $10 an hour?  Do you think he’ll care for your belongings?

Do the math.  If you are paying a cleaning company $99 to be in your home, where does the money go?

To do a decent job, a technician should be at your home for nearly two hours if he has a truck mounted machine.  It may even be an hour longer if he has a portable machine.  On average, it takes twenty minutes to locate your home on a map and drive there, and another twenty to drive from your home.

Do you want your carpet cleaning company to have clean equipment? It will take on average a technician 20 minutes per job cleaning his truck and maintaining his equipment.

You have to call and schedule your appointment. It takes an additional 20 minutes to take your call, gather your info and book your appointment. So the time from taking your call, getting to your home, cleaning your carpets and driving away would add up to THREE HOURS AND TWENTY MINUTES.

You’re thinking, well that’s $33 an hour.  But wait, that doesn’t include all the expenses.

The techs have to get to your home.  If you want them driving a vehicle that doesn’t leak oil on your driveway, that trip will cost $12.43.  This is an average business cost according to the I.R.S. at $.56.5 per mile with an average of 22 miles driven for the round trip.

If you want the company to have liability insurance should they ruin your beautiful carpet, rug, or upholstery, it will cost about $3 per job.

If you want the company to have newer maintained equipment that does even a decent job, this breaks down to about $6 per job.

They’ll need telephones to book your appointment and communicate with you.  The office phone and cell phone usage breaks down to about $2 per job.

Do you want the technician to be trained?  If so, the cost associated with training averages out to about $1 per job.

If they use chemicals on your job, they will spend an average of $2 on decent chemicals.  The sad part is, many companies skimp in this area and purchase the cheapest chemicals possible.

How did you hear about the company?  The average carpet cleaning company spends $30-60 on advertising just to acquire ONE new client.  This is why we strive to do everything possible to keep you as a client once you have us into your home.

Okay.  Now we’re up to $56 of cost before labor (assuming they only spent $30 on advertising to acquire you as a client).

If the technician gets paid $10 an hour for the 3.33 hours it takes to book your appointment, do the paper work, maintain his equipment, clean your home, and drive to and from your home, he will get paid $33.  Then, we have to add workman’s compensation and taxes to total $39.

Total cost with a technician getting paid $10 an hour=$95.  If you pay $99, there is a net profit of $4.

But wait…what happens if you have spots return and you need the company to come back out?  They can’t afford to return!  This is why the cheap companies don’t have guarantees.

When you have a technician getting paid $10 an hour to clean your carpet, there’s a HUGE possibility something will go wrong.  Believe me.

What if the tech gets paid a little more than $10 an hour?  This means the company is cutting out another expense like insurance, chemicals, training, etc.  Do the math.  The company can’t stay in business otherwise.

 So how does a company clean 5 rooms for $99?

 If a company charges cheap prices they are either skimping on your service or they’re on their way out of business.  There’s no other way to look at it.

Don’t trust a $10 an hour employee to your fine carpet, rug, tile, and upholstery.  Call Pacific Steam Carpet Cleaning at 503-936-9817.  One of the most reputable cleaning firms in Portland Oregon.

Spring Cleaning from Pacific Steam Carpet Cleaning

Pacific Steam Carpet Cleaning invites you to get your spring cleaning on! Winter has begun to melt away and spring is beginning to blossom. This is the perfect time to start getting your home sparkling cleanand sanitized from the long winter months of hibernation. Below we have some few helpful hints ongetting your home ship shape:

  • First and foremost create a realistic schedule
  • Second decide your plan of attack (e.g. attic to basement, outside to in?)
  • Third enlist the help of your family
  • Fourth focus on one task at a time

Cleaning your carpets helps to make the whole house feel fresh and clean. Carpets should be cleaned professionally at least once a year to 1) sanitize, 2) remove dirt and grime, and 3) extend the life of thecarpet. Regular vacuuming should be done to rid the fibers of soil and debris carried in by foot traffic. If you want to keep your carpets cleaner longer take your shoes off at the door but leave your socks on.Walking around barefoot leaves natural oils in the carpet that will attract dirt and soil. If you have spillsor stains immediately try to blot out the area with a terry cloth with warm water that has just a drop of dish soap. Remember to rinse well and if the stain remains call in the professionals to do what they do best!

Happy Spring Cleaning from all of us at Pacific Steam Carpet Cleaning! Give us a call to help you make your home sparkle and shine! 503-936-9817

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Dont Put off your Carpet Cleaning in Gresham OR Portland OR

How long has it been since the last professional carpet cleaning? Did you know Humans shed 600,000 skin cells per hour which feed dust mites and bacteria. Dogs shed and leave oily residue. Much to the unseen eye. 

You wash your clothes and wouldn’t wear the same outfit for a month, would you? Even if it doesn’t look dirty it is polluted and in need of a deep cleaning. It time to call and schedule you annual Professional Carpet Cleaning.

Whether you live in Gresham or Portland Oregon call us today!!!

The Importance of Carpet Protection

Your carpet was chosen with careful thought, and is a large investment for your home. Cleaning your carpet is very important for your health, by removing environmental pollutants such as smoke, smog, nicotine, exhaust fumes, and soil, which will make your carpet wear much faster.
Pacific Steam Carpet Cleaners exclusively uses Maxim Advanced Carpet Protector. Protecting your carpet with Maxim Advanced coating protects your investment and extends the life of your carpet and furnishings.
Maxim Advanced coats your carpet with a protective layer that reduces penetration and adhesion in four important ways:
  1. DRY SOIL – Soil is an abrasive and will damage carpet fibers, causing accelerated wear which will create a dingy appearance. Maxim Advancedallows for easier removal of soil in future cleanings.
  2. ACID DYES – Children’s drinks and other foods can attach permanently to carpet fibers, creating stains that are difficult or impossible to remove.Maxim Advanced helps to reduce this risk.
  3. LIQUID SPILLS –Coffee, tea, and soda can permanently stain your carpet.Maxim Advancedreduces penetration of these spills and allows the homeowner more time to spot clean.
  4. OTHER SOILS – Grease, tar, oil, etc. tracked in from kitchens, garages, and driveways will do serious damage to your carpet fibers. Maxim Advanced drastically reduces the likelihood of permanent damage.
These four reasons are why we recommend Maxim Advanced coating for your carpet, a service provided by Pacific Steam Carpet Cleaners. We hope this has been valuable information for you. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ask your technician. We are here to help and be of assistance to you.
Use of Maxim Advanced Carpet Protection will not only insure that the carpets stay clean longer, but will allow you to clean up any future spills with less effort.

Carpet Spotters Do’s and Don’ts Plus Pet Urine Remedy

Most of my carpet cleaning customers often ask about carpet spotters. What to use when you encounter a spill or accident on your floor. 
The best home remedy for spotting your carpets is NOT I repeat NOT to use store bought spotters ie ResolveWoolite, or NaturesMiracle etc. These spotters often use harsh chemicals and optical brighteners which cause damage to your expensive rugs. Masking the problem or odor. 
When using products its important to use CRI certified Seal of Approval products. For more info on this visit : 
What if you don’t have a CRI-approved carpet cleaner handy?  Try one of these homemade remedies:
-Use plain water. Surprisingly, water often works better than untested carpet cleaners do.
-Use a detergent solution.  Mix 1/4 teaspoon of a clear (nonbleach, nonlanolin) dishwashing liquid with one cup of warm water.  Never use laundry detergent; it may contain bleach or simply be too harsh.
-Use a white vinegar solution.  Mix one cup white (not red wine or cider) vinegar with 1 cup of water.  White vinegar (5 percent acetic acid) is sometimes effective on tannins (weak vegetable dyes found in tea and coffee), and it leaves no residue.  However, be careful because acids can set some other dye stains.
What about Pet urine and odor?
To treat urine-damaged areas, blot damp areas as soon as the urine is detected, with plain white paper toweling.  Apply a solution of 1/4 teaspoon of a liquid dishwashing detergent (non-bleach and non-lanolin) with one cup of lukewarm water.  Do not use automatic dishwashing detergent or laundry detergent.  Absorb the moisture with paper towel, rinse with warm water and repeat the application of detergent.  Continue rinsing and blotting with the detergent solution and water as long as there is a transfer to the toweling or improvement in the spot.  Follow the detergent application with a solution of two tablespoons of ammonia with one cup of water.  Rinse with warm water and repeat.  Blot dry.  Blot the area with a solution of one cup white vinegar to two cups water, and blot dry.  Apply a half-inch layer of paper towels to the affected area, and weigh down with a flat, heavy, non-fading object.  Continue to change paper towels until completely dry.

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Clean, Soft and Healthy carpet… Guaranteed! With our unique cleaning system, you will receive not only the deepest carpet cleaning available, but also peace of mind knowing we use safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly products. Our process  thoroughly rids your carpet of dirt, stains, allergens and other contaminants.   Our non-residual cleaning solutions also excel at removing soil and soaps left behind by other methods or Rotovac Logo Cleaninginexperienced cleaners.

Your carpets will not only be left cleaner, softer, brighter and dryer, because of our superior products they will stay cleaner longer!


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